Coffee grounded

Bio Bravo coffee espresso grinded Fairtr. Fairtr. View larger

Bio Bravo coffee espresso grinded Fairtr. Fairtr.

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  • Ingredients: Coffee Beans.
  • Origin: Central and South America / Africa
  • General Information:
  • - Robust blend of selected organic Arabicas from Central and South America and
  • organic
  • - Distinctive aroma with subtle fruity nuances.
  • - Pleasant aftertaste
  • - No acidity
  • - Reseal tightly after opening
  • - Store in a cool, dry place
  • - Bertschi-Café has been roasting since 1932. With vast experience and
  • gentle drum roasting, we roast a very palatable coffee with low
  • acidity and an exquisite taste.
  • - As one of the first Swiss coffee-roasting businesses, Bertschi-Café chose to
  • be Fairtrade in 1992.
  • - We obtain the hand-picked raw coffee for our comprehensive Fairtrade and
  • organic range from the cultivation areas without any intermediate trade strictly
  • according to the guidelines of Max Havelaar and Bio Suisse.
  • Fairtrade certified and grown by Fairtrade producers.
  • Total proportion 100%.
  • - Through fair trade conditions, small farmers and workers in the cultivating
  • countries can invest in a sustainable future.