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Fruit sugar 1kg

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  • Fruit sugar.
  • Origin: Europe, Middle East
  • Desciption:
  • Fruit sugar is a monosaccharide. He has an approximately 20% higher sweetness
  • intensity than raw sugar or beet sugar.
  • Dosage:
  • For sweet dishes, desserts, confitures, compots, drinks etc. like sugar.
  • General information:
  • - Fruit sugar is a valuable source of energy for physical and mental work
  • - In frame of a diet sheet is fruit sugar also for diabetics suitable
  • - Fruit sugar is insulin-independent up to approximately 50g per day
  • (ca. 10 g per meal). But he has to be counted as breadvalue
  • - 10g fruit sugar = 1 bread unit
  • - Produced from sugar beet
  • - Close well after using
  • - Keep away from moisture