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Orange sea buckthorn nectar 7.5 dl View larger

Orange sea buckthorn nectar 7.5 dl

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  • Ingredients: Orange juice (60%), Water, Sea Buckthorn Pulp (10%), Invert Sugar
  • Sirup
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  • General Information:
  • - Orange and sea buckthorn nectar made with orange juice and sea buckthorn pulp
  • - Fruit content at least 70%
  • - You are doing yourself some good with this nectar, which contains so much
  • vitamin C that a glass (200ml) safely provides your daily requirements for this
  • vitamin.
  • - Vitamin C performs important tasks in the body. It contributes to the
  • normal function of the immune system and increases iron absorption.
  • Vitamin C also helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • - Please shake the bottle before opening. Reseal the opened bottle
  • and keep refrigerated.