Bio Pionier cof. subst. espresso 110 g View larger

Bio Pionier cof. subst. espresso 110 g

CHF 6.90

  • Ingredients: Chicory*, RYE*, BARLEY*, BARLEY MALT*, figs*, acorn*.
  • * Organic
  • Produced in Switzerland
  • Preparation:
  • Disolve 1-2 level teaspoon in a cup of water or milk (hot or cold). Add cream or
  • sugar to taste, if desired.
  • General infomation:
  • Pionier extract is a coffee-like beverage made from fruits and cereals. The well
  • balanced mixture makes Pionier fruit-and cereal coffee Espresso excellent and
  • wholesome. Suitable for children - contains no caffeine. Suitable also to
  • flavour yoghourts, shakes etc.