Bio Pionier coffee subtitute 250g View larger

Bio Pionier coffee subtitute 250g

CHF 13.40

  • Ingredients: RYES*, cichories*, BARLEY*, BARLEY MALT*, figs*, acorns*.
  • * organic
  • Produced in Switzerland
  • Preparation:
  • Stir 1 coffee spoon in a cup of water or milk (hot or cold) and
  • refine at leisure with suger and cream.
  • General informations:
  • To manufacture the pionier extract all ingredients are treated by
  • an aqueous extraction. The gluten as part of the grain is water insoluble
  • and therefore can be isolated with the extraction residue
  • This explains why the level of gluten has always been below detection limit.
  • Most recent analysis 21.01.2013: <3mg/kg (detection limit: 3mg/kg)
  • - flavour coffee substitute, without caffeine
  • - contains fewer bitter constituents than bean coffee, which irritate
  • the stomach bowle and could absorb minerals
  • - Suitable for children - contains no coffeine
  • - suitable also to flavour yoghourts, shakes etc.
  • - keep tin closed and dry