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Lentil balls glutenfree 150 g organic

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  • Beluga lentils* 62% (Canada), polenta*, chickpea flour*, sea salt,
  • ALMOND FLOUR*, onion powder*, carob powder*, tomato flakes*, parsley*,
  • pepper*.
  • * from organic farming
  • Produced in Switzerland
  • Preparation (gives approx. 15 small balls):
  • Stir package contents well in 670ml boiling water. Soak for 15 minutes.
  • Mix again slightly and shape with moistened hands small balls as tea spoons.
  • Pan: Fill frypan generous with oil, heat. Fry small balls at medium heat.
  • Deep-fryer: Heat oil to 160°C. Deep-fry small balls approx. 5 minutes.
  • Advice:
  • Refine ready-mix with 1-2 tsp. (approx. 3-6g) before the preparation. Use for
  • example the mixed spices Chakalaka from MORGA.
  • General information:
  • - glutenfree
  • - high fibre and protein content
  • - Much more than a tasty alternative to meat: Small veg-balls,
  • easy and fast prepared. Ideal as side dish for several meals.