Pudding/Creams to cook

Caramel pudding 160 g View larger

Caramel pudding 160 g

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  • Ingredients: fruit sugar, caramel sugar 46%, potato starch, vegetable
  • thickening agent: agar agar, vanilla bourbon powder 0.4%, dyestuff:
  • riboflavin.
  • Produced in Switzerland
  • Preparation:
  • Give the caramelised sugar into the forms. Put 750 ml hot milk into a jar and
  • stir in the content of the bag. Let it cook approx. 2 Minutes and stir it
  • constantly. Give the mass into the forms which are prepared with the caramalised
  • sugar and put them in the fridge. Overthrow the forms shortly before serving.
  • General information:
  • - for approx. 3-4 persons
  • - glutenfree