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Aceto Balsamico white bio 5 dl

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  • Grape juice*, white wine vinegar*.
  • *from organic production
  • Origin: Italy
  • General information:
  • - Organic Balsamico Bianco is a preparation of organic white wine vinegar
  • and organic grape juice with 5% acid. Original white Balsamico di Modena
  • is a particular specialty from Modena. Like its well-known dark brown
  • sibling, white Balsamico di Modena matures in special oak barrels from
  • white grape juice to a golden yellow, delicate and aromatic balsamic
  • vinegar. It harmonises especially well with fish and white meat, antipasti,
  • potato salad and in any dish that calls for balsamic vinegar and does not
  • change the colour of the dish.